Airline Reservation System

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What Is Airline Reservation System ?


Airline Reservation System is a web-based booking solution that helps in consolidating information from all airlines through the use of global distribution systems. The system gives inventory and rates in real time to customers as well as travel agents.

A modern, powerful and flexible reservations architecture gives a stable platform to airlines of all size and with industry standard interfaces to all external reservation systems covering GDSs, other airline CRS systems, SSIM schedules and ATPCO fares.

Airline Reservation System covers the details about flight schedules and its fare tariffs, passenger reservations and ticket records. An airline's inventory covers all flights with their available seats.

Airline reservation systems include airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations and ticket records. An airline's direct distribution operates within their reservation system, as well as pushing out data to the GDS.

ARS eventually developed into the Computer Reservations System (CRS). A computer reservation system is used for the reservations of a specific airline and interfaces with a Global Distribution System (GDS). GDS supports travel agencies and other distribution channels in making reservations for most major carriers in a single operation.

How Airline Reservation System Is Beneficial For Travel Business ?

We are Award-winning Airline Reservation Software Development Company across the world. On airlines websites, we integrate hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, cruises, and dynamic packaging modules apart from airline IBE.

We are cloud reservation system used in passenger service system by small and medium airlines to provide flexible solutions that fit most travel operators and also providing service to domestic and regional airlines worldwide.

We use that trending innovative technology to provide airlines with a system for all their flight reservations on a robust platform which is scalable and can adapted to any style of airline.

We bring Flight reservations and Booking Software design services for inventory management modules, incorporating Centralized database architecture for real -time data, flight schedule and seating management and re- accommodation.

We provide airline reservation and booking software design services for inventory management modules, incorporating centralized database architecture for real-time data, flight schedule and seating management, waitlist management, codeshare, and re-accommodation.

Customers can go to Airline website and check seat availability for any travel route on any particular date and at the same time they can also buy tickets online.

Our web-based Airline Reservations System is the heart of the complete airline management solution and has been designed to be easy for staffs to learn and operate. The system empowers scheduling, booking, reporting, customer management, and other functions.

An airline booking engine also shows dynamic packages such as airline + hotel, hotels + holiday packages, and hotels + cars. It is capable of conducting numerous transactions related to bookings in very little time.

The system enables scheduling of flights, creating and changing pricing records, and booking, changing and canceling reservations, all with a wide range of configuration options and versatility.

Airline reservation system, also known as Flight Reservation System is fully airline reservation software solution integrate GDS/Flight XML services in travel agent travel portal so they can easily access all flight information and functionality online to reduced operational cost, development and maintenance time.

Dedicated flights module with various features and functionalities such as adding flights managing routes airlines and working with several GDS APIs. It also supports multi-currency and multi-language with ability to auto upgrade currency rates and support with major online payment gateways to accept payments for each booking made on your website.

The main goal of this software is to reduce the manual errors involved in the airline reservation process and make it convenient for the clients to book the flights as when they require such that they can use this software to make reservations, modify reservations or cancel a particular reservation.

Airlines can increase reach to markets global through an efficient and cost-effective distribution channel that provides access to leisure and corporate travelers. It also provides airlines with robust and efficient access to corporations, travel management companies and worldwide travel retailers.

The system enables scheduling of flights, creating and changing pricing records, and booking, changing and canceling reservations, all with a broad range of configuration options and versatility.

It is designed for online travel agencies to give ease of booking to the users, where they can search and book flight tickets in real-time. Users have the flexibility to choose the preferred seat and updated with further steps of booking.

Our Flight Reservation System Software manages customer information in case of emergency, e.g. flight cancellation due to inclement weather. The flight companies will utilize this profile to track customer choice and travel patterns to serve them better, plan routes, for better marketing and effective scheduling of flights.

Each airline had its own system, disconnected from other airlines or ticket agents, and usable only by a designated number of airline staff.

Why Airline Reservation System Is Important For Airline And Travel Business ?

We are a pioneer name in the travel technology industry, we provide the airline reservation system with API integration of GDS like Travelport, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre etc. We also provide airline reservation system with third party API integration such as Travel Boutique Online, Yatra Akbar Travels Online etc.

We are a cloud-based airline reservation solution designed to help businesses automate processes for online booking, inventory hosting, departure control, and scheduled messaging. It lets customers display available flights at current selling prices and handle reservations using mobile applications.

We provide a broad range of functionalities that cater for your valuable customers as well as giving your staff excellent flexibility to carry out business and achieve the goals and highest standards of your airline company.

We enable you to run your airline smoothly while enabling you to boost your airline profitability. We provide cutting-edge IT solutions to airlines of different sizes and all business models.

It also helps in maximizing the revenue generation of the airline companies in several ways. The regular passengers can use this system to get the data regarding the special offers and discounts provided to them.

With the help of this system, customers can view all the various flight’s availability with different timings for a particular date and it also enables them to reserve a seat, cancel a reservation or modify it.

Our software assists build customer loyalty and satisfaction while helping with other tasks such as seat assignments, maintenance schedules and aircraft loading. The system also boosts your business's revenue with a cost-effective, easy-to-use reservation management system.

The customers can modify and able to cancel the ticket for any reason. That prepare within a role and policies. The software should provide choice for checking availability of the tickets. That is essential for the customers to get message if the ticket unavailable. That will be displayed into customers. The clients should be noted when the change has been made or any further changes.

Flight Reservation System is a major contributor to the growth of airline and travel industry. It updates inventories of several airline companies real-time. It is integrated with the global distribution system, which handles and runs the international booking of flights.

GDS allows small to large travel companies to connect their portal to thousands of worldwide accommodation providers, airlines, transfers and more. The benefit of partnering with us means cost-effective and complete API integration services resulting in more sales and business branding.

A global distribution system holds no inventory or block that but it links to individual central reservation system of each airlines, which is also called as ARS “ Airline Reservation System ". The GDS system has links to all major airline CRS.

ARS software is developed by various custom software development companies and then integrated into the website. The customer puts forth their requisites and the development team produces software catering to their requirements.

We utilize the user-friendly interface and the most famous CMS to design and develop your reservation system. Most importantly we are the trusted partner of global GDS, and integrating them can make your travel businesses act as powerful flight search software.

Our customer care ethos is based on understanding our customers’ preferences and anticipating their requirements. we offer an Airline Reservation System with top-notch features and an eye-catching user-friendly design.

Airline Reservations System functionality includes

  • Internet Booking Engines for reservation
  • Reservation/Booking Management
  • Airline Hosting System and Services
  • Airline Scheduling
  • Fares Engine
  • Internet Booking Engine Statistical Module
  • Airline Inventory Hosting & Management
  • Airline IBE Hosting
  • XML interfaces for distribution of airline system data
  • Travel Agent Reservations
  • Full GDS Type A & Type B reservation connectivity
  • Direct Access from all GDS systems for reservations
  • GDS E-Ticketing
  • Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, Abacus
  • Interline with other Airlines
  • IATA Interline Eticket (IET)
  • IDEC Interline Settlement for IET
  • Airport Departure Control System Module
  • PNL export to other Airport Departures Control Systems
  • Airport APIS (APP) transmissions
  • Reservation Reporting Modules
  • 3rd party system interfaces
  • Scalable database system for all sizes of airline
  • Hosting of other systems