Online Reservation System

Increase direct reservations from your website with Online Reservation System. Reservation system that manages all of your guest's bookings online.

What Is An Online Reservation System And Why Do You Need It ?


In this era, digitalization is making every process easy and simple Online reservation is one of them. A robust Reservation Software offers extreme convenience to the users and drives the growth of the travel & hospitality industry further.

In a highly competitive tourism market, online reservation software must be more sophisticated than ever. Travel agents, tour operators and travel management companies have dozens of options. Customers won't settle for anything less than a user-friendly, engaging experience.

An online reservation system is a software solution that enables potential customers to self-book and pay through your website, and other channels, while providing you the excellent tools to manage and scale your operation, all in one place.

An online reservation system allows your customers to check availability and book online, which will help you generate more business from your website.

As businesses increasingly move to mobile, online reservation systems enable both customers and businesses alike to make their bookings easier and on the road.

A reservation software not only makes things easier for the customers, but it helps travel & hospitality companies to streamline the reservation process of booking, to accept payments, to improve efficiency, and productivity within the organization.

More and more people are choosing to go with websites that allow them to book online, which is exactly why you require to get your site set up with it's very own online reservation system.

If you are finding online reservation software which will work precisely as you need, you have finally found the right scheduling system.

We provide one-stop solution for all your booking and reservation needs. We are designed to take the work out of management so you can concentrate on delivering high-quality services.

We offer a full stack of booking and reservation systems designed for any type of business. We schedule customers, process bookings and payments, send automatic reminders, and market your business. So you can concentrate on your customers.

Depending on the sophistication of the platform, an online reservation system might also allow clients to pay for their appointment or reservation services ahead of time.

We enable real-time integration with all major Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to expand your market reach, increase occupancy rates, and eliminate booking errors.

Why Should You Operate An Online Reservation System ?

Not only does internet technology assist tours and activity operators get found online, it also helps them turn visits into money through online booking (or reservation) systems.

At the core, online booking systems provide customers a way of seeing, booking and paying for appointments online through your website. The booking process must be ideal and user-friendly to engage more customers and increase sales.

It simplifies the booking process for you and your clients by automatically updating processes such as payment scheduling, inventory management and tracking bookings.

Basically, an online reservation system will let you accept bookings for your services online. Online reservation has made things an entire lot easier both for you and your customers.

The basis of online reservation software is to simplify and smooth the booking procedure through automation and other tools to keep everything flowing smoothly, efficiently, and productively.

Although, online reservation software is there to simplify, automate, and expedite the booking process for you and your customers which cover getting customer details, updating booking information, ensuring fast and secure payment, calendar and scheduling, and numerous others.

It’s a simple, user-friendly, and cloud-based solution for the persistently growing demand for online travel booking and is a frictionless means to convert a visitor into a guest.

Modern booking programs will allow you to set up a customized and branded booking page, as well as send out automated reminders via SMS and email.

You can develop your online reservation platform by offering discounts to those who use it. You can also use the data stored on the platform to send marketing campaigns by email or SMS. All you require is a custom tool that will be created with your needs and requirements in mind.

It offers features like booking (rooms, tables, vehicles, etc.), payment processing, availability checking, and calendar management. The software has broad applicability in the hospitality, real estate, and rental industries.

From the moment a customer books with you, We there to perform customer intake, automatically send customized email confirmations to you and your customers, deliver text reminders, and process payments. With us, your day-to-day runs more smoothly.

Features Of Online Reservation Software

User-Friendly: The reservation software you use be easy to use for your clients and staffs. The clients should be able to book the reservation of their choice and process the payments effortlessly.

Integration: The reservation software you select should integrate with your website, social media pages, travel portals, etc., as you never know, your customer is coming from which platform. Furthermore, it should link with your payment system to provide a seamless buying experience to your customers.

Calendar: An online booking system is probably not the only app in your tech stack, and fortunately, it can be integrated with all the everyday apps that you use for email marketing, accounting, social media, and of course, video meetings.

Multiple-Device Compatibility: The software you select should be compatible with multiple devices so that you can monitor the status and get reservations done from any device or platform.

Multiple Payment Options: Everyone has their individual preference when it comes to paying for products online. While some people such as the ease of using PayPal, others prefer to pay on credit card or a bank transfer. Broadening your clients’ choices can increase the number of online bookings on your website.

Different Languages And Currencies: Your booking system should allow you to work with different languages in the booking form. This way, your customers can book in their preferred language and currency, which should then trigger all automated customer communication to function in this language as well. They will feel right at home and more comfortable with booking.

Customer support – Software customers must be able to reach the vendor or support team all the time on multiple channels in case of system glitches or for any queries.

Why Online Reservation System Is Beneficial For Travel Agents And Tour Operators ?

To put it simply, an Online Reservation Management System is software that enables a potential customer to book and pay for a service directly through a website or an app. It makes the overall process effortless to manage, not only for you but for your customers too. From booking a slot for your service to selecting a date, picking a time, and paying for the booking, membership management, everything is handled online without any hassle.

It will assist them to handle the customers booking easily and also to keep the customers data more safe. It will also assist staffs to keep in track their customer’s online booking request as well as easily to reply feedback to the customers.

With API and XML of several travel suppliers, one can integrate its online booking system to global distribution system network & third party APIs and avail access to global flights, low cost carriers, hotels, high speed rail providers, multi-source content from travel suppliers global via single travel API.

Typically, an online reservation system manages your calendar, customer bookings and automates the whole booking experience. It streamlines the online booking process by automatically updating your calendar and handling the customer journey.

Our booking system provides everything you need to automate key tasks, create efficiencies, and manage more bookings and revenue.

Our Online booking systems help employees effectively deliver their tasks and improve revenue generation. It is your foremost responsibility to provide your team with the right tools to boost their productivity and revenue.

Furthermore, our online booking software is mobile responsive, meaning guests can book treatments, manage preferences, and see promotions right on their mobile devices. You can even create your own branded online booking experience or mobile app with our API’s.

As you see, developing an online reservation solution provides ample opportunity to manage inventory, agent control, bookings, and online reservations all in one place and get the reservation done fast and easily.

We offer a range of support services for Small and Large hotels covering fully featured Web Hosting and Online Booking Systems. We also offer a completely managed services for both Web Hosting and Online Reservation Systems.

Besides, using this system, you can boost revenue while at the same time improving your business credibility. Once your business becomes more credible, it automatically attracts more customers. Given that, having an online reservation system is a win-win situation for you.

So, if you are willing to build a stable, robust and profitable online booking system, you need to find out a profitable way to overcome these challenges and get a increase to your online sales & revenue growth.

Why Select Us For Online Reservation System ?

If you prefer to keep track of your digital reservations in-house, setting up an online reservation system on your travel website is a great way to manage your reservations. Online reservation systems are perfect for establishments with customers who are familiar with your business’s website or social media platforms.

We give the online travel portal and booking software development services that effortlessly integrates with GDS APIs, tour operators, and OTA websites. We consist of top-of-the-line tech experts and developers that can custom create an online booking system for your business.

It allows business owners, like you, to run business processes, such as tracking business growth with real-time reporting, avoiding double bookings, and accumulating information about the guests before their arrival. It also helps streamline particular tasks, thereby allowing you to assign inventory and staff to individual activities.

Online Reservation Software by us, includes flight bookings, hotel bookings, rental car booking, tour packages, cruise booking. Travel Online Reservation system enables users to book tickets online by comparing prices. Booking engines provides error free reservations. By integration of API this becomes most effective.

For engaging customers in the global travel industry, online travel reservation businesses come to custom software development companies and find an innovative solution that is required to be implemented in the long term strategy.

Online Booking software saves a lot of time. Online Reservation System/global distribution system offers online booking of travel deals, flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruise.

We can assist you convert your market, maximize profitability, and outperform the competition by leveraging our experience, technological knowledge, worldwide reach, and bespoke web solutions.

Our professional web development team will work on creating an online booking system that best meets the requirements of you and your customers. We work around you and your demands to ensure that we build a highly effective booking system that works across all devices.

If you need any help with the development or have some questions on how to create an online reservation system left, or want to clarify any details, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll find a way to help you!